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Creating healthy homes

Hi, I’m Michelle

Welcome to Home Free, my Building Biology consultancy helping people create healthier homes.

Home Free is for people who want a home with less of the things that can compromise our health and more of the things that bring health and wellbeing to our spaces.

Home Free is for people who seek out and value good health.

It’s for our homes, schools and workplaces – the spaces where we live, work, play, grow, restore and be.

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Home Free can address these issues and more, through a detailed, tailor-made assessment of your home or workplace. To create a healthier home, Building Biologists ask, and seek answers to these questions:
Maybe you or your family have health issues like:

Working with a Building Biologist will give you the knowledge and information to
create a healthier home through your choices and actions.

A Home Free audit can focus on your whole home or workplace - or just one space - exploring one of the Building Biology specialist areas, or all of them:

I’ll listen and discuss your goals and concerns, and together we can work out what you’d like to achieve for your home.

I’ll research, inspect, measure, compare, evaluate – then bring all the information together with recommendations to help you find solutions.

Kind Words

“Thank you for our comprehensive Home Free Healthy Home Audit.  I really appreciated the detailed information you provided, including what we should avoid, potential hazards and recommendations for healthier choices.  It was heartening to know that we were already making lots of good choices, and at the same time, how to build on this foundation to improve our health and wellbeing both now and for the long term.”
"Wow who knew choosing new flooring was such a minefield! Thanks for all your help with choosing our new product – there’s such a lot to look into and take into account - the actual materials being used, where they are sourced, sustainability, how they are processed, how they are fixed in the home - floating or glued - and then all the options for underlay – there is so much contradictory information out there! I really appreciate and value your practical guidance on how to implement your recommendations”
"Michelle has a genuine concern, interest and willingness to educate others.  It is obvious from the minute you start talking to her that she is passionate about what she does and is happy to share a little or a lot depending on what you are looking for.   Michelle shared with us some simple ways we could improve our health and wellbeing without judgement. We were able to implement some changes immediately and we look forward to learning more from Michelle."
""I knew mould was toxic and very dangerous but didn’t realise to this extent.  Thank you so much for all the time and effort you took to compile this document for me, so informative and useful… Shared it with my husband immediately because he thought I was exaggerating when I spoke of the problem. Appreciate all your wisdom and knowledge and generous help so much”.

If you’re saying a big yes to any of this, let’s chat.

A complimentary 15-minute Exploration Call will give you the chance to see how Home Free can help you create a healthier home – let’s work together.
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